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bikini bootcamp transformation
Bikini Bootcamp Transformation
Bikini Bootcamp Transformation

Why Sign Up for Bootcamp?

You’ll Tone + Tighten Your Entire Body from Head to Toe, At Home or the Gym, Using Minimal Equipment for Maximum Results!


Attend Full-Length Workout Classes with Liz

Workout in under 30 mins per day

Our Compound Functional Movement circuits are designed to be maximally effective in minimum time! Get your workouts done quickly so you can get on with your day.

Burn calories up to 24 hours after each workout

We incorporate HIIT cardio and other “secret workout tricks” that are scientifically proven to put your body into Fat Burning Mode for up to 24 hours post-workout.

Minimal equipment needed!

Whether you’re new to exercise or you’re a seasoned vet, this program is founded mainly upon calisthenics and bodyweight training. When you’re ready to amp it up for serious results, all you need is a set of 5-10 lb. dumbbells and these workouts will have your muscles and metabolism on fire!


Follow Your 12-week Workout Plan + Monthly Tracking Calendars

Includes modifications for all levels

In anywhere from 16-25 minute full body circuits, you’ll burn more calories than most people do in an hour! These functional training & calisthenics circuits will challenge your entire body at once, working your upper body, lower body and core at the same time.

This means you’ll burn more fat, build toned muscle and enhance the mind-muscle connection in less time.

Get instant access to a Women’s Only support group!

The SSF community is full of women just like you. As a member, you’ll get access to continued motivation and accountability inside the private member’s only group where you can connect with and be held accountable by women around the world. This group is a great place to post questions, share recipes, and get answers from certified trainers.

Bikini Bootcamp recipe library

Unlock the Bikini Bootcamp Approved Recipe Library (150+ fat burning recipes)

Get better, faster results with easy fat burning nutrition!

Need to switch up your nutrition routine? Getting bored in the kitchen? Just not sure what to eat?

We’ve got you covered! Inside the members-only area, you’ll get instant access to over 150 “Bikini Approved” fat burning food recipes, from Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner to Deserts and Snacks and Drinks.

Super Sisters Bikini Bootcamp

Your Bikini Bootcamp Membership Includes:

  • A 12-week Follow-Along Workout Video Program with The Super Sisters

  • Continuing LIVE video workouts with Liz inside the community

  • Instant Access to the private SSF Women’s Fitness Community

  • Personal Answers to Your Questions from Certified Personal Trainers

  • Coaching & Support, Plus Help Adapting the Programs to Suit Your Needs

  • Healthy Recipe Swaps, Daily Inspiration and Community Support in the Member’s Only Group

  • 24/7 Community Access

  • 150+ "Bikini Approved" Recipes for Fat Loss

super sisters bikini Bootcamp

Save on Shipping – No Waiting! This program is 100% Digital and You’ll Have Access to it Immediately! No Physical Products will Be Mailed.

You’ll Also Get:

Education, Instructions & More

starter guide

Complete Workouts with Step-by-Step Instructions

what to do

Workout & Food Tracking Logs

training logs

The Nutrition Jumpstart Guide

what to eat

Printable Grocery Lists & Macros


Printable Workout Cards for Each Circuit


Direct Access to Sara & Liz in the Member’s Group

FLEX bikini body bootcamp liz and sara

Support From Women Just Like You

Follow-Along Home Exercise Videos


Exclusive Bikini Bootcamp Member’s Only Discounts

Super Sister Fitness Bikini Bootcamp

Becky Z.

Vanessa R.

Bikini Bootcamp Transformation

Lindsay R.

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Who Is This For?

Super Sisters Bikini Bootcamp Before After

This program and community are for anyone who:

  • Is tired of following programs that don’t work
  • Wants to overcome the “yo-yo” diet & exercise cycle they’re stuck in
  • Needs community support and accountability
  • Wants a workout plan written by real, professional certified fitness trainers (not just some internet “guru”)
  • Is looking to switch up their routine or break a fitness plateau
  • Has tried cardio to lose weight and failed

Save on Shipping – No Waiting! This program is 100% Digital and You’ll Have Access to it Immediately! No Physical Products will Be Mailed.

bikini bootcamp review

Why Bikini Bootcamp?

Thousands of REAL women have succeeded

These plans are accessible to women at all fitness levels.

We provide modifications as Certified Personal Trainers with a specialty in injury prevention and safe training for all levels.

Whether you’re an experienced exerciser or a total novice, this plan will provide you the tools, education and resources necessary to make your goals a reality.

Fat loss the RIGHT way

The Bikini Bootcamp circuit training plans target all of your major muscle groups simultaneously using what we have labeled “CFMs” or Compound Functional Movements.

These plans also give you all the resources necessary to track your progress for maximum results and success with the plan. It’s our job to help women get in shape, so let us help you do it the right way!

Suitable for both Home & Gym workouts

Each plan is based on scientifically proven methods in the fitness industry to produce accelerated fat loss results.

Choose where you break a sweat, whether it’s in your own home or at your local gym. Look, feel and PERFORM better too.

Stop spinning your wheels! Get a professional plan today.

Begin your total lifestyle transformation today!

These plans will help jumpstart your routine into a healthier, happier lifestyle overall.

We address common concerns in getting fit, including mindset barriers and psychological struggles that have been holding you back or keeping you stuck in the “yo-yo” cycle of diet and exercise.

This plan takes a comprehensive lifestyle approach, it’s not just about doing workouts together.

Thousands of women have told us doing these programs have not only gotten them the fat loss results they desired, but also helped to completely change their mindset towards health, fitness, and their body overall.

Create a better self image, gain community support, change your lifestyle to something sustainable, and improve your own self confidence with ease!

Save on Shipping – No Waiting! This program is 100% Digital and You’ll Have Access to it Immediately! No Physical Products will Be Mailed.

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Our Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not totally satisfied with your membership…

*Cancel anytime by submitting a written email request to contact@SuperSisterFitness.com. No questions asked!

**We also offer a Seven Day Money Back Guarantee.  If you join and see that this program is not for you, you have seven days to get a refund.

Bikini Bootcamp Transformation

“I can say that so far I’m loving this! I’ve paid LOTS of money for online programs and personal trainers and this is exactly what you would get but for a great price. Great instructions and wonderful support from The Super Sisters and the rest of the bootcamp community. Best $ I’ve spent!” — Instagram user

Only 4 weeks of progress from Bikini Bootcamp Part 1

“This is was consistency and accountability looks like, I’m so proud of myself! I love the program… it’s very structured to give results and you can do it at home or gym or both like I do.”
– Jessica

“I started [the] bikini bootcamp last Wednesday cause I couldn’t wait until Monday. So far it’s kicking my butt and I love it. For the first time ever I can’t wait to do my workout. I’m surprised by how much my body can actually do. Thank you so much for this affordable, straight forward program!” – Instagram user “lekeltz”

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from individual to individual